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Meet & Greet Service

The one thing that people remember about a holiday, is the service they receive. If customer service in a hotel or on a holiday site is not of a high standard, or the staff you deal with is rude, then you won’t be interested in returning. One of the things Clareabelles Property Management can offer you is polite, efficient service that puts your guests first. By doing so, you can guarantee repeat bookings and future profitability of your holiday let. We are acutely aware of the importance a professional demeanour represents and we have it in spades.

If your property is in a popular area, you’ll be likely to find that your holiday let is popular and when the busy season comes around, you’ll be grateful for some help. Giving us a call at Clareabelles, we can discuss with you your exact needs and have a tailor-made package ready for you. We offer a poised and warm meet and greet service for your guests. Clareabelles Property Management can ensure you are not handling a busy property alone – especially during changeover. Trying to clean and maintain a property, keep the short-term lettings rolling one after the other and meeting guests without being stressed? That is not easy, and that’s what Clareabelles can do for you.

Being able to meet and greet your own guests would be wonderful, but what you need is the professionalism of the staff at Clareabelles, who will be there when you can’t. We can manage your property and your guests with high-quality standards. We believe that by treating guests impeccably, repeat bookings are the result. Customer service is what keeps a business afloat, so why not give Clareabells Property Management a call today and see how we can help.

Need a holiday meet and greet service in Tunbridge Wells or the surrounding area? Just give us a call on 07786 243638 or drop us an email by filling out the form on the contact us page.